That means that we control the entire development process from seed-to-sale, and are therefore able to prevent third-party negligence or tampering with any of the raw materials. 



Our team of highly experienced chemists works diligently and tirelessly to provide an end-product that is pure, potent and pristine. We believe in constantly raising the bar and holding the market to the highest standards, which is why they may shine but never GLO.

Glo Extracts

Our Glo Extracts are the highest quality vape cartridges made in the US and are perfectly made for you our customers. Buy Glo Extracts Carts online at our shop because we  test each batch produced so as to maintain the quality as well as ensure the safety of our customers. Fresh out the box, the scent of our carts are nice, strong and they are securely packed with rubber tips on both ends of the cartridge to reduce the possibility  of any loss of the product. 

Glo Carts

Our Glo Extracts carts also provide a wide range of choices as they come in different glo carts flavors such as Blue Dream,?Cereal Milk,?Green CrackKing Louis,?Purple Punch,?Sour Diesel,  White CookiesBlack Mamba 24 and many other strains. These strains also offer different experiences which range from Relaxation, Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Happiness, Energetic, Depression Relief, Euphoria and many more with many of our customers appreciating the Euphoria high.